Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Point on Evolution

This is something simple that we at a Baptist university all know when considering evolution and a figurative creation account. I wanted to point it out and ask for some discussion: What about death?

Percy, in section fifteen (p 160), states that evolution is fact and that it doesn't conflict with a biblical stance. Let me throw forward the typical argument: death was introduced after the Fall (Romans 5:12). Therefore, Darwin's theory of evolution could not be synthesized with creation if death came AFTER sin--humans would have necessarily died in achieving "humanness." Creationists also argue that Cro-Magnon, Rhodesian, and Neanderthal are simply either inbred with diseases or types of apes misclassified as humans.

Now, before I rally the Bible-beaters or irritate any evolutionists, let me brainstorm a radical inversion of the evolutionary scheme. What if--now is the time to throw bones--Darwin's theory is simply played in reverse. Let's not use the term "devolution," but rather something different--because devolution is illogical or ill-defined based on the evolutionary structure (always adapting to new things). Though I don't like the connotation, let's use "fragmented," and you'll see where I am going with this.

But really, let's play Darwin's vinyl in reverse. Biblical scholars agree that animals were created in "kinds." Most will agree that micro-evolution is possible, while macro is not. That's apparent. Look at the breeds of dogs we've produced ourselves. Look at the capacity of the Ark, even.

But why is there a Cro-Magnon? Why a Rhodesian? Why a Neanderthal?

What if the answer is this: Adam and Eve were created in kind, as well. They were genetically woven for the production of many types of human offspring, and maybe each had langauge. What if Neanderthal, Rhodesian, and Cro-Magnon would have been produced in the Garden not with repetitive death, but with life. With reproduction. They would have fragmented genetically. Just like two cats made all cats, so two humans made all types of humans. What if homo sapiens is the last remaining genetic code of Adam and Eve--the last children?

Do you find this probable? Maybe I shouldn't. But I believe in Nephilim (Gen. 6:4).

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