Monday, March 24, 2014

The Senior Undergraduate - English Major

Self's Relation to World: Transcending, with intact elements.

Self's Relation to Other Selves: To his fellow students and peers, an elite status as a veteran student with aspirations for a doctorate in his chosen field, making him part of the aesthetic pantheon known as "academia". To his family and non-academic friends, a intellectual disconnect in both acquired knowledge of the humanities and conventional wisdom regarding the more practical aspects of life. Fully aware of the absurdities present in both the transcendent and immanent spheres of life, he maintains a healthy if not ironic sense of humor about his circumstances.

Identity of Self: A high degree of correspondence between self's habitual mode of existence as transcending self and actual here-and-now life, e.g., being able to gain a sense of the numinous and the beautiful in human nature while simultaneously having to work with bureaucracies and sociologists to secure a fruitful career path for himself.

Motion of Self vis-a-vis World: In the process of transitioning from one mode of routine (undergraduate studies in his private, liberal arts university in a city with people he has become familiar with) to a slightly different and subtly more difficult one (doctoral studies in a public, research focused environment in unfamiliar territory in living conditions that he must afford for himself without direct aid from his parents). Practice of Christianity, regular fellowship with good friends, and general mood of self-effacement soften his reentry.

Placement (Mood) of Self: Excited for new beginnings in graduate school and the completion of his former studies, yet hesitant to see how exactly things will pan out for him. Feels like a man caught in the tunnel between the airport terminal and the plane that will soon depart - did he leave any luggage or items in the terminal? Does he actually have a seat saved for him on the plane and is actually going where he wants to go? Will they serve peanuts and scotch on the plane and if so, how much will it cost?

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