Monday, March 24, 2014

Existential-Semiotic Self-Profile : The Biology/English student

Self's Relation the World: Uncertain, feels out of place with the world as a general being but gains understanding from frequent travels and the love of travel. He appreciates nature and animals more than other humans; he also has a passion to preserve the world at all costs.

Self's Relation to Other Selves: He depends on mutual loyalty with those he considers part of his pack (i.e. family, closest friends, lovers). Values friendship greatly, even to the point where those who betray him will always have malice aimed their way. He opens up once he gets to know someone well enough.

Identity of Self: Highly-organized in method of existence; seeks to utilize time in the most efficient manner possible. In a constant state of observation, he only takes action when the situation demands it. He always thinks before he leaps and trusts his instinct more than anything else. His spiritual life if considered Christian by nature but he has liberal tendencies and an open mind. Other's opinions outside of his pack matter not to him.

Movement of Self vis-a-vis World: A wanderer and traveler by nature, he doesn't mind picking up his roots and changing locations if need be, as long as he has contact with his pack or is relatively close to one of his pack members. Home is where he can be with those close to him. If the situation calls for it, he will wander off alone for the sake of reflection and meditating upon the self. The world is too big to stay in one place forever and he cannot expand his understanding of the world by rooting himself in one spot. Sometimes the most tranquil place is being where he can be alone for a while.

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