Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"on a fine Wednesday afternoon-"

hmmm... in comparing The Moviegoer with Lost in the Cosmos I see a continuing pattern of the search for the self that might even go beyond "to know thy self." With the quizzes there are a lot of questions that are meant to reveal motives.  Then the next half of Lost in the Cosmos seems to be an existential spaceship ride into the abyss.

When you look through LitC you can almost see some character profiles of Moviegoer characters such as on page 122...

"Why do people often feel bad in good environments and good in bad environments"... all the way to "The paradox comes to pass because the impoverishments and enrichments of a self in a world are not necessarily the same as the impoverishments and enrichments of an organism in an environment" ...Binx can be seen here.  Not to mention Binx's flakey love affairs... where he is in it for a second but then miserable the next seems to be in contingency with the old "Oh happy happy love!!" mentality.

I also liked the idea of language being that which assists in the identity of the self... we are able to identity our self by identifying other things. In a sense, because of language, our identity can be defined by it's relation to the language we use to describe another thing or another self....

I don't know, I'm pretty lost in the cosmos right now.

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