Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Characters, Depths, and Dysfunction, Oh My!

  “People often ask me what is wrong with the world and ask what I do in Gentilly, and I always try to give an answer.  The former is an interesting question.  I have noticed, however, that no one really wants to listen to the answer.” (39)

I should think it nearly impossible to read the Moviegoer without having a pen to underline my favorite lines.  Percy’s wit makes this book so, so good to read.  The thought process of Binx, and the seemingly random moments of depth in his thoughts are remarkable.  I think Percy draws the layers of depth of human awareness and thought throughout his characters, as the reader watches Binx himself teeter on the edge of a different level of knowledge and depth of existence.  

Percy doesn’t draw the line between the intellectual, the evil, and the commonplace folk as clearly as O’Connor does, but still draws the same bounds of being within his work, disguising them under normal conversation and social boundaries.  The differences in the views and depth of Kate, Binx, Walter, and the rest are clear from their very first appearance.  Like so much of O'Connor, their appearance is that of a functional family with a few issues, however, the darker tones quickly show.  Again, the only real peace found within characters is the peace that comes with ignorance. It’s really fascinating to watch, and to see the differences of the characters thoughts, interests, and views on life.

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